30 March 2012

Certified maniac

I mentioned to a friend the other day that I plan to come off my mad pills in a couple of months. I was a bit peeved by how worried he looked. Rose has been quite resistant to this plan too. The standard thing to do once you've been certified a maniac is to stick you on pills for the rest of your life.

I'm not into that.

The worst thing about this diagnosis is its retrospective nature. I think of myself as a normal human being. But no! They charmingly tell me I've been diseased, disordered my entire life. No, David, you are not an acceptable human being. You need to be treated to make you so. Dull, grey, sluggish.


I'm going to the shrinks this arvo to work out a plan for going off the pills. It's quite scary how much power they have, the enforcers of the reality consensus. The default options are to get drugged or to get locked up: Eradicate all disallowed thought patterns! Enforce circumscribed normalcy!

Once I go off the pills, they'll be hovering around waiting for the first excuse to put me back on them. So we're working out a plan.

One of the first questions is 'what gives meaning to your life?' Ha ha ha ha ha.

Fuck the medical profession is dodgy. Not that long ago they used to cut people's brains in half to make them 'normal'. And then experiment on them to find out how the brain works. How insanely inhuman is that?

Fucking norms. Any group of people is an incipient lynch mob, ready to deindividuate at the drop of a hat and act in unison against the perceived 'other'. If that's ordered, give me disordered any day.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, late to the conversation, but I couldn't not add my 2 cents..YES, you are totally correct with your 'feeling' against taking the pills. That is your instinct, listen to it! I made the mistake of allowing people to convince me I was crazy, and fell victim to the mindset of "You're different, take this!" First of all, the companies that make the pills, exist only for profit..they are not interested in making people better. I've seen the effects of long term anti-depressant use, and there is no other way for me to describe it than a pharmacological lobotomy. Unfortunately that was my mother. I've battled depression my whole life, it is so hard, to say the least, but I know it makes me a stronger person, and I know that pills aren't the answer. We are like this for a reason. Yes, it's an extremely difficult existence. But for whatever reason, I honestly believe we were chosen to live these ridiculous lives. I don't exactly know why, but I know that we are different, and I believe there is a reason for that. I won't get all new-agey on you, but I will share this passage that hit home for me. Hope this helped..good luck, you're not alone. And if you ask me, you're way more interesting than the 'normal' people haha.

*You come in pre-wired,
to be resistant to social,
cultural and political programming
that is the norm on earth. And
therefore find, at a very young age,
that You simply do not fit in anywhere.
This is your gift, and the journey of your
soul path, You are warriors of the light for change of the old systems that are not serving the whole, and are here to pioneer and birth the new systems and changes. You carry the torch of bright light for evolution into higher consciousness and lead by example.

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