04 May 2004


Ben and I took our stuff up to Mahara today. It was a fun trip, and they turned on coffee and panini for us. Any imaginary readers running galleries take note.

We passed by the foreshore and seabed hikoi on the way up, which was busily clogging up traffic going the other way. Thankfully it'd cleared by the time we made our way back.

Arriving home, I discovered I might have a job at the Correspondence School - a fixed term contract till December.

This evening we headed into Hamish McKay's to check out the Tony de Lautour opening. It looked pretty good, and I strongly recommend that any imaginary readers dwelling in Wellington go check it out. I put an option down on one of his books. Ben put an option on one of the revisionist paintings.

On our way in, we spotted a clear zip-loc bag with a couple of pills in it lying on the pavement directly outside the door. It wasn't there when we left.

I've put a new page of photos up out of today's efforts. (The open door was in the dining room of the rest home where we went to visit our grandmother this arvo.)

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