26 May 2004

On the tiles again

I went to the Liz Maw opening at Peter McLeavey's last night (the requisite photos are here and include as a special bonus a pic of a McLeavey conceptual art work - an envelope pinned to the wall with 'leave pinned to wall' written on it - as well as a couple of bits of graffiti I spotted on my travels). It was a good opening. Lots of people came along, and a good time was had by all. Matt's got a description of the works in question.

We went to a horrible chain Irish pub afterwards, where I drank Murphy's and ate a stuffed potato - all part of that fake Irish experience. I got home at about half eleven and had to lie on the floor for a while.

The problem of course is getting up heinously early to go to work the next morning, though I haven't been as hideously affected as usual recently. I must be slowly pickling myself or something.

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