01 April 2005

Ink drawing exercises and other stories

I've done a few ink drawings over the last few days.

Obviously they're fairly derivative, but I don't think that matters that much. The idea is just to do quick, immediate drawings of whatever pops into my head at the time. You never know, some of them might end up as paintings.

I went along to hear Sandra give a floortalk for her show at Enjoy last night. It was extremely good - very comprehensive and wide-ranging, following her development from a chronological perspective. One of the many things I found interesting was the way some common themes (reclaiming found objects and transforming their utilitarian value into artistic value, the use of the same mass-produced unit as a building block, geometric forms contrasted with the free form of fire, etc) recurred in various forms throughout her work.

When you consider that the talk was given without notes in a non-native language the way she tied everything together was particularly impressive. If you haven't seen the show already, do so at the soonest opportunity.

I only ended up having to sit through Wednesday and Thursday this week after all. My contract finished on 31 March and my new job was meant to start (appropriately enough) on April Fool's Day, but the letter offering me the job said Monday 4 April instead, so I got a day gratis today. I've spent it reading Collapse by Jared Diamond.

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