21 June 2005

Blither blither

I was feeling a lot better yesterday and now have another deck of cards and six more canvases gessoed up. Two of those six are to finish off a UFO-shaped multicanvas thing I've been working on. The others will be diptychs.

I got all of three hours sleep last night. I think it was the prospect of going back to work today. Now I'm paranoid that I won't sleep again tonight. There's nothing worse than lying awake watching the numbers change on the clock. I had fairly full on insomnia for yonks when I was younger, but then it went away - I had thought forever.

It was, of course, Rose's birthday yesterday, and we went out for dinner at Ford's, which is on Tinakori Rd. It was very nice.

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Daniel said...

Insomnia is a truely virulent plague upon ones evening. :-/

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