02 June 2005


I normally avoid the political blogs (which reminds me that I need to tidy up the links on the right - get rid of the ones I don't actually use any more), but I make an exception for No Right Turn.

I found a link there to this crazy US christian fundamentalist site that lists what they reckon to be the 10 most harmful books of the last two centuries.

Basically it seems they object to science and rationalism and, like the new pope and postmodernist academics (and their camp followers), would like to end the Enlightenment. All these pesky people thinking for themselves and rejecting authority, look what the world's come to...

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stephen said...

The mental image of the camp followers of the new pope and postmodern academics mincing around and hissing at scientists in the street - "Eeew he's SUCH a rationalist, what a drag" and so on - had me in stitches there for a moment.

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