18 June 2005

Yeah yeah

So it's been a while since I've posted anything. I've been pretty ill off and on for quite a while now and consequently haven't been very productive - well, at all actually. I've mostly been wrapped up in front of the fire reading books and watching flicks, with some silly computer games thrown in for good measure. It's all a bit depressing really.

As well as not getting any work done I've also missed a couple of things I'd have liked to go along to. I've also failed to get Rose a present, and it's her birthday tomorrow.

In other news, there's been quite a bit of amusement to be had from the et al at Venice palaver. There was quite a bit of coverage in the local rag, which makes a change. Usually all we get on the visual arts is a crap Mark Amery article once a week.


stephen said...

I can't believe you forgot to get Rosemary a present. Ouch. The Jarman adds "Ooooohhhh, that's not cool", for what it's worth.

Good luck.

Rose said...

Oh, I so agree with The Jarman.

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