27 November 2005

Hiding out

I haven't been very well recently, and the doctor's given me some time off from the world. Apologies to those who may have received rambling, incoherent, and somewhat freaked out phonecalls recently (my memory's a bit vague on this point).

I did venture out for the Mary Newton first birthday bash yesterday, which was really good. I spent quite a bit of time chatting and comparing notes with Bryan Dew, who I liked very much. He gave me some technical tips as well that I'm keen to play around with when I get back into the studio.

I've been reading The Conquest of Mexico by Hugh Thomas, a truly brutal and horrific tale. I started it just after reading Discoveries: The Voyages of Captain Cook by Nicholas Thomas (I assume the authors are not related). The contrast between the two is pretty full on.

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Walter said...

Bryan died suddenly in New York City in late June of 2006, killed by a heart attack on his way to work in mid-town Manhattan. His friends miss him very much.

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