29 November 2005

Speaking of the barbaric Yankee dialect...

What's with the way they use close quotes? I've read a fair amount of American style and usage guides in my time (for my day job - it's important to know your enemy) and have yet to find a rational explanation.


Gothamimage said...

Enemy? Come on, we're not bad.

Read Mencken's "American Language" - you can buy a good used copy online at places like The Strand in NY or probably Amazon - Also, read a copy of Our Times, by Mark Sulliven - to get a good social history of some dialect.

Saw you on paintergirl, so decided to click over.

David said...

Yeah you are - as the driving force behind the cybernetic control system that is, not as individuals. Though the full on indoctrination and aggressive nationalism you guys get from a young age freaks me out.

Anyway, it was more an editing joke. I spend a lot of the my days eradicating creeping Americanisms. You should check out New Zealand English. I'll look those refs of yours when I go back to work.

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