06 August 2006

Over Grover

The film fest is over for another year. We went out in style, with three films today: Raging of the elements: programme II (which was great, especially the arctic one, and went with Black sun very well), Los olvidados (which was gruelling), and The science of sleep (which was a litlle bit too cutesy, but a good one to finish on).


paintergirl said...

Gondry cutesy? Really? I still would like to see it-sometime. I think he has a nice outlook, which can be refreshing.

David said...

It was a lot of fun, but definitely cutesy. Quirky kind of cutesy.

It wasn't the only one that combined models and live action, and I didn't lke either in both. Though in this one there was a one-second time machine, which made up for a lot.

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