17 August 2006

Quote of the week

Apparently, George W Bush read Camus' The Stranger over his holiday.
White House spokesman Tony Snow said Bush "found it an interesting book and a quick read" and talked about it with aides. "I don't want to go too deep into it, but we discussed the origins of existentialism," said Snow.

Can you just see it? 'Well, George, there were these French intellectuals who didn't believe in god...'


paintergirl said...

What??? It's going to take me all day to try and wrap my head around the thought of Bushey reading Camus. I'm stunned and completely weirded out. And wait a second, he went to Yale and never read it. Oh wait he was a cheerleader. I read it on my own in high school.

David said...

Pretty crazy all right.

The Stranger's good - 'an interesting book and a quick read' indeed - but my favourite's The Plague.

But, being a poorly educated monoglot and all, I've only read them in translation.

joseluis said...

ja ja, is too bizarre bush reading camus...

paintergirl said...

Well but of course, I am the same. I'm sure it's worlds apart if one could read it in French. I liked The Plague better as well. And there is no way a recovering alcholic who is a born again christian is going to understand existentialism, in any realm. Now I'm angry he read it. Trying to show them "interlectuals" he may have a brain.

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