17 August 2006


I've not just been slack about updating my blog and checking my email, etc. I've also been slack about doing work. Tsk, tsk. I think a bit more auto-anthropophagy may be the way to get back into it.

I did write some notes for a statement for a catalogue, which I was quite pleased with at the time. But when I read over them the next day I was dismayed to find that where they weren't factually wrong they were trite.


Lilly said...

...and I've been slack at Blogging recently. Not intentionally. Just had so much going on and way too much work. I feel stressed out. Anyway, I'll try not to moan for once while I am here -- heh! -- just stopped by to show that I care :-) Have a good weekend, David.

David said...

I did have a good weekend, thank you. Came back all reinvigorated and ready to make more stuff.

Lilly said...

Good stuff :-)

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