28 November 2006

Quote of the day

They say that Apelles used to hide behind his painting, so that viewers could speak more freely and he could more honourably listen as they went through the flaws in his work. I therefore want our painters to ask and listen to everyone's opinion, openly and often. For this helps the painter, among other things, to acquire favour. Everyone thinks it an honour to express their opinion on someone else's work. And there is no need at all to fear that the judgement of censorious and envious people can detract from the painter's praises. For the painter's merit is public and known to all, and they can call their own well painted work as a talkative witness on their behalf. Therefore they should listen to everyone and, after first thinking the matter through for themself, make corrections. Then, when they have listened to everybody, they should follow the advice of the more expert.

- Leon Battista Alberti

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