07 November 2006

This and that

I've drawn a line under my show. Finished the last things over the weekend (the last one being the image above). Not going to do any more work for it but move on to the next thing instead. To that end I splashed out on a nice linen canvas at the end of last week. Since then it's been sitting there staring at me reproachfully.

Went to a fun experimental music and film gig at the jazz fest on Sunday night. It was enlivened by the smoke for the final guy's laser show setting off the fire alarms. I especially liked Campbell Kneale's film.


Lilly said...

Glad you enjoyed the festival you went to :-D

Hey, I like this one too!! That's a cracking red-ish colour -- is that your 'new thing' [I don't like that phrase but I am struggling with my English vocabulary today, sorry]? I noticed it in the 'Plane' painting too....I like that colour!

David said...

Yeah, I like it too, but I wouldn't call it my new thing.

My new thing's spilling gesso on canvas. Definitely going to do some more of those - lots of fun.

Lilly said...

Gesso -- a word I am unfamiliar with. Please explain.....I like expanding my vocabulary.

Lilly said...

[but I am too lazy to look it up in my dictionary....]

David said...

You use gesso to prime a canvas (see the wikipedia article). The white stuff on the Plane picture is watered-down gesso.

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