31 March 2008


I must admit to finding the evil Barrs perpetually amusing. I'll freely admit it's a character fault on my part, but they're just so funny.

On Saturday their blog featured a prominently displayed notice in the sidebar, under a picture of the words 'oh my god', promising a scandal on Monday. Well, well, thought I, must remember to have a look. After all, they try so hard.

But no! It is Monday evening, and there is no scandal. They have removed the notice and given no explanation.


Anonymous said...

OK - I thought it was the Te Papa thumbprint being from a person from the UK not of NZ origin. hmmm

David Cauchi said...

Ye gods, if that's the case, it's pretty distateful.

I thought only members of the Nationl Front and their ilk deny that immigrants are 'real' New Zealanders.

Anonymous said...

Yeah you'd hope not but there is a certain amount of irony in it. I thought maybe it was one of those many 'what the hell would I know' situations

David Cauchi said...

Oi you! With your 'what would I know' comments. Self-deprecation can be taken too far, you know.


I'm adding you to my blog links right now.

Anonymous said...

Ok Ok - thx for the link

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