12 March 2008

On this day in 1970...

Three of the Weathermen have just blown themselves up. The trial of the Chicago Seven has just ended. Mark Rothko and Rita Angus have recently died. The Beatles are splitting up. Black Sabbath have just released their debut album. Robert Smithson is just about to start constructing the Spiral Jetty.

The first two nodes of what would become the ARPANET have recently been interconnected. Concorde is just about to make its first flight. Apollo 13 is getting ready to launch in a month's time. The US army is about to charge 14 officers with the My Lai massacre and to invade Cambodia. The Cold War is entering a new phase, and Northern Ireland is getting particularly full on.

New Zealand's human population is around 2.8 million. The world's human population is around 3.6 billion.

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