23 February 2009

First day

Last night at dinner, Rose's son Jules told me what I must do to be a proper mature student: sit up the front, put my hand up first for every question, and relate everything I say back to the cool job my wife has.

I replied that I liked the the term, with its clear implication all the other students are immature.

And, Jesus fuck, they are annoying.


rothkowitz said...

The mature student should always get in first to say "I'm sorry, but I don't agree" at each and every opportunity.If the visiting lecturer cannot finish their presentation this can be considered a success.
The normal-aged student will say this to show they are as retarded as they were in High School, the mature student to show their enlightenment brought on by decades of "community engagement"
Or just stay quiet and fume that there's not a looker in the bunch

rothkowitz said...

Sorry, was thinking back to Teachers College...now that was fucking annoying.

David Cauchi said...

I bet.

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