28 February 2009

On posterity

Let's just take posterity out of the equation. We're facing a major extinction on the scale that wiped out the dinosaurs. These have happened a several times in the history of life on Earth, but this is first one created by an animal species that's part of the system it's destroying, i.e. us.

It's pretty clear it's way too late to stop the process. There's no point in recycling, carbon off-setting, alternative energy, saving for your retirement, or any of that. If anything, we should be preparing to move to Antarctica. Either that or just enjoying the last days as best we can.

We're the first generation of artists in history who can't rely on posterity. We're making art for our time, and only our time.


Anonymous said...

I see the lack of an editor's eye! Given up your day job?

David Cauchi said...

Yep, 'a several' and 'by by' in the previous post, and I don't care! Woohoo stupid typos!

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