10 May 2009

Futurism and Shriekback

I'm having trouble preparing for a presentation I'm to give on Tuesday on the Futurist manifesto 'The Art of Noises' by Luigi Russolo, famous for his noise machines:

For some reason, reading Futurist manifestos reminds me of Shriekback:

Shriekback are still going (though this appears to be a work in progress rather than a finished video):


Anonymous said...

Hope you're not doing it in the classroom.

David Cauchi said...

I hadn't considered it, but now I'm tempted...

But, seriously, no.

Some choice Nietzsche quotes, on the other hand, will definitely be included:

'And I bade them overthrow their old academic chairs and wherever the old conceit had sat; I bade them laugh at their great masters of virtue and saints and poets and world-redeemers. I bade them laugh at their gloomy sages and at whoever had at any time sat on the tree of life as a black scarecrow.'

'O my brothers, I dedicate and direct you to a new nobility: you shall become the procreators and cultivators and sowers of the future ... Not whence you come shall henceforth constitute your honour, but whither you are going!'

All hail the future!

David Cauchi said...

Oh yes, and I'm thinking of reading the manifesto and Nietzsche quotes out through a paper megaphone, after the top vid.

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