07 May 2009

Quote of the day

My uncle's lapses into insobriety had no vice about them, they were purely therapeutic. The fact is he was following a new regime for perfect health, much in vogue at the time, he assured us, on the Continent.

'The aim is to warm up your glands with a series of jolts. The worst thing in the world for the body is to settle down and lead a quiet little life of regular habits; if you do that it soon resigns itself to old age and death. Shock your glands, force them to react, startle them back into youth, keep them on tip-toe so that they never know what to expect next, and they have to keep young and healthy to deal with all the surprises.'
– Nancy Mitford, Love in a cold climate


No. 0003 said...

Hear hear! Jolly good show.

rothkowitz said...

Capital idea-glad the liver has been correctly described as a gland,not an organ too.

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