17 May 2009

Neoteric Sound Research Unit No. 0001

neoteric Rare ~adj. 1. belonging to a new fashion or trend, modern: a neoteric genre. ~n. 2. a new writer or philosopher. [C16: via Late Latin from Greek neoterikos young, fresh, from neoteros younger, more recent, from neos new, recent] – neoterically adv.

Yesterday, we had a recording session in preparation for the final hand-in for our sound art course. You can see photos here and here, and read an objective assessment of the resulting recordings here. We swapped instruments around during the day, and I played the guitar (using a hessian bag and a drumstick), the violog (using a tennis ball and my fingernails), and the animal keyboard (using violence).

Our hand-in will take the form of playing the recording on Rose's radio show at 7pm on Tuesday.

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