15 July 2009

A new semester

The new semester started this week. There are a couple of changes from last semester. I've got a new assessor, and instead of the sound art elective there's a paper on fine arts research methods. Oh, and we've got put on a group exhibition as well as our studio projects. That's in five weeks. I've no idea what we'll do for it.

I think the new assessor will be fun. I've had a bit of a chat and given them homework to read. There might be a new face, but some of the sentiments haven't changed. There was a line about how I'm heading towards a 'post-studio practice' but it's like I've got one foot stuck into the studio. An analogy with those electronic ankle things prisoners on home detention wear was made. I suggested instead a collar that blows your head off if you stray too far.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure I'll have much time for painting. I've started preparing a couple of larger-than-normal canvases to do some piss-around abstraction on. The idea with that is to just have a play around and take the opportunity to not have to come up with some finished, resolved work. Except I'm not sure I have that opportunity. There's a whole lot of assessment due in about five or six weeks, as well as a show that I'll need, well, finished, resolved work for. I think I'm going to have be quite ruthless.

For this research paper, we're to keep a journal where we critically reflect on our studio practice. That is, of course, what this blog is for, though this is probably a bit too all over the place to properly count.

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