16 July 2009

Tin eyed?

We say someone has a tin ear if they are unable to appreciate the subtleties of music or speech. It's funny that we don't have an equivalent term for images.

When I was chatting to my new assessor yesterday, they said something astounding. I'd been explaining why I was planning to have a play around with abstraction and painting techniques. I pointed out that I'd been doing the watercolour and oil glazes technique for a couple of years now and said that I didn't want to just do the same thing over and over again until the end of my days.

My assessor told me that they considered all painting to be the same.

I was gobsmacked. I had no response to this. It's like saying everything played on a piano is the same. Of course, it was exaggeration for effect, but it's still a deeply stupid thing to say. And I'm meant to take this person seriously!?

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