12 October 2009

Old drunk

If I had my way, I wouldn't let anyone go to art school if they were under the age of 25, perhaps 30. Yeah, yeah, I'm sounding like an old cunty mature student, but seriously there is something in what I say. I look around my class and I am not impressed. None of them have much of a clue what they're doing. There are maybe one or two who have potential, but the rest are a waste of space. The only reason they've got so far is that the institution needs the money. Ye gods, you should see the dreadful shit they come up with, and the dreadful justifications that accompany them.

Yes, you little shits, you know what I'm talking about. Like most things, it's fucking obvious.


stephen said...

Be nice to the chilluns, gramps.

David Cauchi said...

If you're going to make outrageous demands like that, you should at least provide a supporting argument.

stephen said...

I believe the children are our future / teach them well / and let them lead the way / show them all the beauty they possess inside / give them a sense of pride / to make it easier / let the children's laughter remind us / how we used to be.

Further evidence: Welcome to Hoesville; Keyboarding 101.

Anonymous said...

Youth-wasted on the young.

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