31 October 2009

Quote of the day

Michael Jackson renewed my faith in art.

Liz Maw


Anonymous said...

What are the insertions into the miniaturized McCahon?

The MJ thing is hardly new, a winery in California had bottles of "Jesus Juice" out long ago


David Cauchi said...

If you can't tell the difference between the painting and the wine label, you're an idiot.

David Cauchi said...

Ha ha, I'm the idiot. I put the quote and painting together, not Liz. The quote was from last night, but the painting was from a couple of years ago.

stephen said...

Fuck! That Jesus/MJ wine label image is fucking creepy!

David Cauchi said...

Really fucking creepy. It's sobering to consider that not only did someone think it a good enough idea to propose but that someone else thought it a good idea to actually do.

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