01 October 2009

Situationist presentation

I did a presentation on the situationist idea of the spectacle at school today. I printed out a nice situationist comic for them to look at. I wrote 'Never work' on the whiteboard in large capital letters. I faced away from them, dropped my pants, and read my presentation. I even managed to get the word 'cuntish' into it.

We had quite a good discussion afterward.


stephen said...

Why did you not face the class?

David Cauchi said...

'To those talking behind my back, my arse is looking at you!'

Mandicane said...

Bahahaha! i wrote "never work! on my levis about 20 years ago. get some new material dude!

David Cauchi said...

Yeah, and, like the slogan and the subject of the presentation, the comic's about 40 years old, woohoo.

You fucking twit. On your levis, indeed.

stephen said...

"Mandicane" sounds like the name of a medication for people who are losing their mind -- they can feel it going, they're a teethgrinder, in their sleep they grind their teeth.

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