14 February 2010


The best bit starts at about six minutes 45 seconds in: 'I believe in not believing.'



Mr Stephen Rowe said...

The Bilbury Hall speech rings even truer today. "Who ever heard of the wars of the apathetic?". Genius.

TV1 has the recent remade version of Reginald Perrin on Sundays at 9.30. It doesn't have the light-filled brilliance of the original but it does have its moments.

David Cauchi said...

Yeah, the remake had its version of this speech on last night. Notably absent were the pills and booze, and the bit on not believing in things.

Mr Stephen Rowe said...

Indeed. Incredible how much more conservative things have become - the speech didn't mention war either - or Dutch Parking Meter Disease.

stephen said...

One of the best shows ever. I love how every episode ends with Reggie screaming.

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