08 February 2010

Graham review

John Hurrell has reviewed the group show at Ivan Anthony's I'm in.

I have two minor comments.

Either the the word 'later' in 'later ink drawings' is a typo for 'latter' or John's just making shit up. The 'mock-Mayan' ink drawings were done before the Adam show, as working drawings for it.

And, in the same sentence, instead of saying 'architectural planar surfaces' he should really just say 'walls'.

I mean, really.

Architectural planar surfaces!

But I'm glad he picked out 'The world'. It's one of my favourites.


John Hurrell said...

Erk ..I meant 'latter',David. As you say, a typo.

As for 'architectural planar surfaces'..well in a show called Wall Works, 'wall' becomes slightly redundant, so one needs to at least attempt a little inventiveness.

John Hurrell said...

Crikey,I am getting entangled. Obviously I meant that the Adam show set some of the context for your work in 'Graham', hence my use of.....

David Cauchi said...

'Architectural planar surface works' would be a good name for a show. Though maybe 'works' is a bit too simple.

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