27 February 2010

First week

So we've had our first week of school. It went pretty well. We've got studios sorted, and they're not too shabby at all. A great improvement on last year in fact. There is some threat that we might be encroached on by others. However, we're prepared to defend ourselves.

There are eight people doing PGDips, including me. It's a good number, and seems like a good group of people. Most of them have come from elsewhere. It was interesting hearing their first impressions of Massey.

There are a couple of aspects of the course that they picked up on, particularly the lectures consisting solely of the staff talking about their work. People requiring you to be a captive audience for them to talk about themselves is a bit rank.

I reckon that's a very minor quibble though. The actual assessment requirements are all good, with nothing obviously silly.

One of those requirements is that we keep a journal of reflective writing about our work. This writing should not be 'overly casual or idiomatic, sensational, sentimental, or "faux-academic"'. When I queried what this meant, I was pointedly told 'not ranting, David'. So that counts this blog out then.


peter madden said...

that sure doesnt leave much , I can think of so many artists that wouldnt survive in that turged enviroment..kippenberger.. J Messe..

David Cauchi said...

It does leave 'boring' though.

The Nietzsche quote about university scholars not being able to be philosophers applies equally to artists.

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