03 May 2010

Doctor Who

The new Doctor Who started on the telly last night. I really like both the new guy and his companion. They're both quite mad – she's 'four psychiatrists' mad no less.

I must admit I was quite ready to like the new guy. I'd got heartily sick of David Tennant playing the Doctor as a cross between an 80s pop star and Jesus.

When I saw the trailer for the new series, I thought 'oh no, they've made the companion a cop!' But no, she's a stripper instead. Phew!

My only quibbles are with the theme tune, which has been butchered badly, and one feature of the new Tardis set. Is it just me or does the time rotor (the central column that goes up and down when the Tardis is in flight) look like some kind of sex toy? Sure, it's always been phallic, but this is ridiculous:

And they call this a kids' show!

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