01 May 2010

More school

On Wednesday, I had a meeting with my supervisor for the studio paper. First thing Thursday, I got an email suggesting we have a coffee to 'talk through some things a bit further as I feel that our conversation yesterday was not one of our best'.

Then on Thursday afternoon, we got our essay proposals back. 'What I would challenge you with at this juncture,' read the comment on mine, 'is how to relate this research directly to your practice (i.e. book project).'


stephen said...

What??? Am I missing something?

David Cauchi said...

Hmm, I probably should've said 'got our essay proposals for the theory paper back'.

I was trying to say that the studio paper is not going so well, but the theory one is.

Riddle me that, Batman.

stephen said...

I was more wondering about "your practice is a book project".

David Cauchi said...

My project for school is a book.

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