27 May 2010

Matt Hunt at the City Gallery

Tomorrow night is the opening of Ready to roll, which includes some paintings by Matt Hunt among others. What's with the name for this show? Are they saying it's a manufactured pop hit parade?

I tend not to go along to City Gallery openings (but then I tend not to get invited). The ones I've gone to have been uniformly dire. There's an odd civil service office worker feel to them that's quite off-putting, and the gallery is controlling to a ludicrous extreme. And then there's the speeches...

Still, they've actually managed to put a decent Wellington artist into the main galleries for once (as opposed to the Hirschfield ghetto) and should be commended for that.

Right now, I'm off to hand in some shit for school, then will watch some Doctor Who before heading off to the opening at Robert's this evening.

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Anonymous said...

You are a Timelord!

It all makes sense, now.

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