01 March 2011

And we're off

School started for another year last night with drinks. Most of the MFA class didn't show up, the wankers, so we'll have to wait till Friday to eye 'em up. That's when we have our first proper meeting, and sort out studios and shit.

From the conversations about the class I had last night, I'm a little dubious. But we'll see. It also seems as if the studios will be fairly fucking noisy, with construction work going on all fucking year by the sounds of it.

Once again, my studio at home comes into its own.

The schedule is reasonably imposing. It's a relentless march of deadlines in bold capitals surrounded by asterisks – **SUPERVISION AGREEMENT & EXTENDED PROPOSAL DUE**, **CRITIQUE #1**, **POSTGRADUATE SYMPOSIUM**, etc – culminating early next year in the rapid succession of **FINAL WRITTEN COMPONENT DUE**, **EXAMINATION WEEK**, and the quite rightly no longer deserving of capitals **MFA Exhibition Week**.

I've not actually got much of a clue what precisely my 'research' will consist of. I want to play around with both paintings and wall drawings. Colour will play a big part. But beyond that, nothing. Well, nothing much.

That's all right though. I'm not worried. (We'll see what the supervisors think of this at our first meeting next week.) But fuck it, we've got till 4 April before the **SUPERVISION AGREEMENT & EXTENDED PROPOSAL is DUE**.

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