24 March 2011


I had a rather dispiriting meeting with my supervisor yesterday. Once again, they have nothing to offer me except obstruction.

The supervisor hadn't bothered to read the draft proposal I'd sent, and so pontificated off the top of their head instead. I won't go into the ins and outs of the entire conversation, but will highlight two particularly egregious examples.

I started by saying I've got a couple of shows lined up for this year, and I thought the timing fit in well. The response I got to this was the same as I'd had from the other supervisor. It is quite interesting.

Having shows outside of the institution isn't a good thing, apparently, but a problem. This is because dealers require 'safe, middle of the road' work, in complete contrast to the innovative, experimental work produced in the 'laboratory' conditions of the art school!!! These are real quotes, told to me with a straight face! Fucking incredible.

This is pure bigotry: treating an entire class of people as if they were indistinguishable stereotypes.

My experience – actual (though limited) experience not just knee-jerk prejudice founded on an intimidated fear of the unknown – is the complete opposite.

I have no constraints put on me on by dealers. I have had, and expect to continue to have, a free hand. I show what I like, how I like, and have been told that it's quite all right if there's quite major damage to walls etc as a result.

At school, however, there are a whole range of constraints. I've been told what I can and cannot do, because of academic requirements or ethics requirements or what have you, and even such a minor thing as including rude words in a wall drawing occasioned a warning sign at the entrance.

Herein lies the difference: your dealer answers to no-one but themselves, but your academic answers to a whole range of different committees.

Your innovative, experimental laboratory (such as it exists at all) is in the dealer galleries, not academic or public institutions.

But no, the fucking morons at Massey can't see that. Much easier to rely on lazy, complacent, self-serving received ideas instead.

I mean, fuck, if there was even the slightest bit of truth to their assertions, their end of year student shows would be evidence of it. Ha!

Ah fuck this, I was going to go on about the other really egregious comment – being told why having a knowledge of art history that informs your work is a bad thing(!!!) – but I can't be fucked.

Oh, and it was reported back to me that one of my assessors from last year was telling this year's PGDips how 'annoying' it was having me blog about them.

Here's a tip: you don't want me blogging about your really quite shocking limitations? Do something about them then. Stop being so intellectually narrow. Develop an open mind and some basic critical thinking skills. Actually be interested in art.

It's not that hard.


stephen said...

Fuck the academy. Morons.

stephen said...

When you're finished at the house on the hill, can we roll huge spliffs with your degrees/certificates?

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