12 March 2011


Like everyone else from Wellington I know who has visited Melbourne, we reckon we could quite happily live here. We're having a great time.

Of course, there would be serious downsides to actually living here. It's very hot. It's very crowded. The cops have guns on their hips. Last night, as we were walking through Flinders St Station to head ibnto town for dinner, the cops were 'randomly' selecting young men out of the crowd to search for weapons. There is a very visible homeless presence. It can be a bit grim.

But then there are all the wonderful old buildings and the alleyways packed with the outside tables of the restaurants and cafes that line their sides. And we went a bit nuts in the NGV's bookshop.

The Moreau show is good, but it is a little frustrating. It's all studies for pictures without the actual pictures to compare them to. However, some of the studies are outstanding. I plan to go back a couple of times to look at particular things. Then there's the collection to check out, which we haven't made it to yet.

And Hawkwind tonight.

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