27 February 2005

Back to work tomorrow

Oh dear, it's back to the salt mines tomorrow. I've had a pretty good break. The weather has been really fantastic (until today). I've done some drawings, bugger all painting, but shitloads of reading. The reading's mostly been about Piero della Francesca, though I'm midway through Giotto and the Language of Gesture at the moment. Good old Wellington City Library, eh?

I've started compiling a Piero timeline from various sources. The dates are pretty contentious (only two of his paintings have dates on them), so I've started with the set dates that are established by the documentary evidence (contracts, etc) and begun reading through various critical studies, rejecting some theories (and the consequent dating schemes) in favour of others. It gets pretty bloody complicated though.

I've also been thinking I might give the Skeleton Guys a rest for a while. I've got enough to have a solo show, which I'd very much like to do at some stage this year. I went and put in a proposal somewhere last week, and I've been eyeing another couple of places up. We shall see.

I'm not quite sure quite what I'm going to do instead of the SGs, but think that gesture may play a part in it (hence the Giotto book). I also think there might be a bit more paint involved than there is with the SGs (well, that won't be too hard) - and maybe even explicit NZ content once more. I just need to have a play around and see where we go. Getting a place to work sussed would probably help that process, but that's dependent on my job getting sorted out one way or the other.

Hmmm, chucking his job in worked really well for Matt...

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