09 February 2005


I went along to Bek Coogan's opening at the 91 Aro Street Gallery on Monday (above), and then to an opening for a group show she was in at Bartley Nees on Tuesday night. The contrast between the two was more than just a little bit marked.

The Aro one was really good, with drawings and photos and collages covering the walls - really raw and vibrant. John Douglas was manning the turntables, Bek had got shitloads of booze in, and it went till 11 o'clock at night apparently (I didn't make it that far).

Bartley Nees by comparison was extremely hot and stifling, and full of crap and wankers. It was horrible. A group of us retreated to the Indigo balcony to be regaled by Ace Hurt.

Speaking of Indigo, Rose and I went to the Handsome Family there last week. That was also extremely hot and stifling - so much so that I held real fears of passing out if I didn't sit down near fresh air - but extremely good. I particularly liked the opener about the bottomless hole in their back yard.

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