27 February 2005

Rainy day fun

For some reason I really enjoy doing these stupid online personality tests. I've done quite a few different ones based on the Myers-Briggs typology, and always get the same result:

Withdrawn (I) 68.57% Outgoing (E) 31.43%
Imaginative (N) 71.88% Realistic (S) 28.13%
Intellectual (T) 76.47% Emotional (F) 23.53%
Improvised (P) 82.76% Organized (J) 17.24%
Your type is: INTP
You are an Architect, possible professions include - strategic planning, writer, staff development, lawyer, architect, software designer, financial analyst, college professor, photographer, logician, artist, systems analyst, neurologist, physicist, psychologist, research/development specialist, computer programmer, data base manager, chemist, biologist, investigator.
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