27 September 2005

Comment spam

I've disabled anonymous comments because of the amount of comment spam I've been getting. I hate anonymous comments anyway. As a general principle, I reckon that if you don't have enough courage in your convictions to put your name to your opinion then that opinion's pretty worthless.

In other news, I've surprised myself by really enjoying my new job. I'm also really getting into the old oil painting. I think the trick is not caring about having a finished art work at the end of it but just playing around for playing around's sake. Ironically, I've flicked out the pingers for some flash materials for it.

I've been a bit down recently, and am feeling a whole lot better now. There's one thing still on my mind that's somewhat distracting, but I'm trying not to worry about that now and will deal with it in a wee while. I need to concentrate on work (in both senses of the word) at the moment.

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Brent Badeaux said...

i agree. but i do wonder why spam (the makers of really fine spiced ham in a can) hasn't sued over the current use of the word spam, unless they consider it free advertising.

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