07 September 2005

Two more days

I should've been up in the studio slapping the gesso on, but I haven't been. Tonight I've just been watching stupid crap on the telly. Last night I watched Cul-de-sac - the last of three Roman Polanski films we got out over the weekend. They make a pretty bloody good trilogy actually.

For some reason I haven't been reading much for yonks now, which is very uncharacteristic. I usually have two or three books on the go at any time, but not at the moment. I blame the old job.

The old job should've been a really good one, but for various reasons I really can't be bothered going into wasn't. I'm really not looking forward to the new one. Pretty much the only reason I took it is because I need one.


Anonymous said...

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Sam M said...

Hey just heard you were leaving through some of the coro peeps and I'm just making sure I'm not missing out on any right royal pissup! achtung! keep me informed

PS you missed a fuckin great Mountain Goats gig..

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