04 September 2005


I'm going to go through the pile of canvases leaning against the wall over there and paint over all the crap ones with burnt sienna before gessoing 'em up and starting over again.

I've got another week of the old job to get through, then we're off down south for five days, then I start the new job the week after that. It'd be good to come back from Chch and Dunners with a whole lot of stuff ready to go.


joseluis said...

i got to your blogg by chance, in my blogg i put in favorite books, ubik by p.h.dich,when i pointed ubik apeared your profile and i saw we have similar intrestes, i like very much max beckman and also early italian painting as pisanello for example, now i have to go but i will see your blogg with more atention, i am from uruguay.
jose luis

Anonymous said...


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