14 January 2006


Never travel on Friday 13. It all started out fine:

I even had an interesting formal arrangement to contemplate when I wanted a break from the window:

Then a truck took out the overhead cables just up the line and the train stopped dead, so we waited round for a few hours while they sorted their shit out:

Then the luggage door on the bus that took us to National Park (where a train that worked was waiting) didn't open:

Then the local mechanics eventually got on the case:

We left at 7.25 am and were meant to arrive at 7.25 pm. It ended up being about a quarter past midnight.


paintergirl said...

Ok- a hacksaw a hammer maybe a blowtorch. were you laughing or crying at this point. completely insane.

Lilly said...

Holy crap! I don't think a 'better late than never' comment is appropriate here -- like PainterGirl, I am left wondering: laugh or cry?

Guess the important thing is that you made it in one piece :-)

Mr Stephen Rowe said...

Ahhh well if it all goes smoothly then it sure gets boring! Happy New Year for what it's worth - I hope you hang in there. Say gidday to the far north for me - I haven't been there for over 10 years. I'll buy you an Emersons when you get back...

Steve R.

itsmelvin said...

wait, so they took the doors OFF?! how were they able to close them to begin? how did they expect to open it when they got to the destination? why... oh, so many questions.

you gotta love mass transit. hope you were able to recouperate on arrival. at least you got a good blog out of it.

David said...

It was funny - everybody was pretty relaxed and laughing as one ludicrous thing followed another. Of course the fact it was a glorious day may have played a part. Might have been a different story if it'd been pissing down with a howling gale.

Lilly said...

That's true, David -- glad to hear the general vibe was positive and relaxed [also glad to have you back on the blog :-) ]

David said...

I'm about to disappear again - up to the Bay of Islands - but will be back in Wellers some time next week I think and normal transmission will resume.

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