12 January 2006

Report from Planet X

Well, yesterday was fairly full on. I don't remember much after arriving at the psychologist. I do remember texting Rose afterwards that it had been 'hard but good'. What I remember of it was that it was a bit of an infodump - getting to know me and making an assessment (which I think was that I'm in no fit state to begin therapy until the pills have properly kicked in or something like that). I'm going back again in two weeks' time to see how I am then.

The attempt at getting a copy of the recording was a complete and abject failure. I crashed on Dave's couch as soon as I'd taken my pills (first day on increased dose) before Kelly even arrived. In any case, he'd apparently had problems with electrical interference (don't ask what that means cos I don't know) so it wouldn't have been a goer even if I had been conscious.


paintergirl said...

It could be planet z which would be much worse. I am quite angry right now, so I probably shouldn't be in contact with anyone, much less blogging, but I wanted to check in and say hi.

David said...

Rose tells me that according to one of her self-help book 'anger is very healthy and should not be repressed'. Lily mentioned something about this being a venting space as well, so let rip if you want to.

Cheers for saying hi but.

itsmelvin said...

there must be something in the stars this week. i feel like absolute rubbish.

the only good thing is that i had a dream i told my boss off and i felt much better when i woke up.

Faeropus said...

Anger provides the catalyst for change. It gives you the force to make a difference.

It is only unhealthy when:

- People don't understand it (and alot of people don't). they are ususally rthe ones who say - 'gosh you are awfully angry... there must be something deep and repressively wrong with you'
- You don't manage it and it gets replaced by rage and/or apoplexy

Lilly said...

Anger -- I'm not in a good mood today.....I think perhaps it's true what you're saying, David. Well, what you're paraphrasing anyway :-)

If I don't get anger out of my system, my tummy hurts like hell and I get extremely touchy. But unfortunately, I am not good at letting it out -- I tend to keep things to myself. I am crap at confronting other people; but of course I end up dropping little sharp-tongued and impertinent comments instead of just letting out a big angry ROOOOAAARRR!!! You know, getting it all out at once and MOVE ON. Those things take a helluva lot of practise I think -- depending on what kind of person you are....
Unfortunately, my little comments are not always aimed at the ones who deserve them. That is a huge problem I find it.

Shit! I've just caught myself venting in here again, David!! LOL!

Lilly said...

Practice, even

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