06 January 2006


Ben McF rang me at about noon yesterday suggesting an overnight camp at Otaki Forks. Didn't have to think about it, just threw some stuff together and jumped on a train. It was pissing down when we got there. There was some serious discussion about doing the bolt after the 7 o'clock weather forecast talked about a heavy rain warning, hail, and thunderstorms (which together with the sign next to the precipitous road in that said 'unstable road edge' could have been a little too interesting). We had dinner, went for a bit of an explore, and (as the sky was looking a lot less ominous) checked out the 10 o'clock forecast. That talked of showers, sometimes heavy, instead, so we decided to stick it out. Sure enough, the night passed uneventfully and this morning I was woken at dawn by the birds and the sun streaming through the tent walls. Sat at the front of my tent in my sleeping bag and smoked a cigarette as I looked at the hills and watched the birds (mostly swallows). It was all absolutely brilliant. I actually felt not nuts for a while. Took some pics from various spots on the way out:

And I couldn't resist this photo of some northern European touros' van outside a cafe in Pekapeka (despite the goddamn all pervasive advertising, of which the paint job is a sneaky part):


paintergirl said...

What a great trip for you!!Lovely pics. Camping..I haven't done that in years. maybe something to think about. I always wanted a little camper van. no jokes please. Except here we have way too many zodiac types on the loose and well, melvin and i have the overactive imaginations.

the van..ha ha if that were here, the owner would be disappeared if you know what I mean.

David said...

Ha ha, off to some secret gulag no doubt for some compulsory re-education.

itsmelvin said...

the van is cleverly subliminal. it's the kind of thing i'd get pissed off over if i saw it–typical redneck–then i'd have to laff!

David said...

Hee hee, nothing gives the rest of the world greater pleasure than winding up Americans. Admit it, you secretly enjoy it.

And, anyway, New York doesn't count. It's not part of the US in the same (but inverse) way Auckland's not part of New Zealand.

Lilly said...

Wow! Cheers for providing yet another set of fantastic visuals from N.Z.! Alan suggested that maybe we move down there......hmmm...he's sick of the cold weather here!

Cool to hear that you had a nice time camping. I've not been camping since I was a kid [unless staying a week at Roskilde Festival counts as camping]....always in a tent. It was awesome.

LOL @ PaiterGirl's comment about the 'disappearance' of the car's owner!

Yes, David -- it's always great fun taking the piss out of Americans ;-)
[present American company excluded, naturally]

David said...


paintergirl said...

Bless you guys!

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