11 January 2006


I'm off to see a psychologist this arvo. I'm not really sure what to expect. This evening I'm going to try and get a copy of some recording some friends and I did just as I was coming off my manic phase. There were a couple of things we did where I did rambling spoken word type vocals off the top of my head. All I remember is that one was called 'Only one life to live' (but was mostly about reincarnation I think) and the other 'Common sense nihilism'. Very interested to see whether they make any sense.

I think I might get the hell out of Dodge in a couple of days as well. Hit the road, clear my head.


paintergirl said...

So how did it go? Be interesting to hear the recording. Tell us how it all goes.

itsmelvin said...

whoa, i skip checking the blog for a couple of days and now there are several new chapters. that'll learn me.

now i'm curious as to what happened with the psych.

and i'd like to second the music request. can you post your gravest hits somewhere?

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