30 May 2006

Ake! ake! ake! kia kaha e!

Just took a break from updating the old website to sit outside and smoke a cigarette while admiring the glorious twilight colours get more and more intense. I heard once that Aotearoa can be translated not only as 'land of the long white cloud' but also as 'land of the long twilight' - there not being much of a twilight in the tropics and all.

Thought it was time there was a paintings 2006 page, not that there's anything new on it as yet (nor very much for that matter - my fault for spending the first quarter of the year or so sitting around being nuts). So I just waved a magic wand and turned some (but not all) things that were categorised as drawings into paintings. Good eh?

I've got a few more on the go, so hopefully there'll be something new soon.

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