02 May 2006

This and that

Pierrot le fou went off last night. It was perhaps the silliest of the lot - complete with musical numbers and all. It also included a brilliant line that went something like 'a case of mass hysteria all by myself'. I want to see Breathless and Alphaville again now.

Off to a couple of openings tonight, despite feeling sick as. It's always good to keep tabs on what people are up to. I believe one of them is a group show of works on paper.

I'm going to give the oil painting a bit of a rest for a while. All I've been doing is generating a pile of half finished paintings. At the moment I prefer the immediacy (and ephemerality) of drawings and watercolours.

I've been making a bit of headway with my plans for an avant-garde tarot deck - only got designs for three or four trumps, but I've got a fairly clear picture of the style for the lot in my head. The minor suits'll probably be black squares, planes, bottles, and red triangles. Might need to do a bit more research though. This may have to involve biting the bullet and paying my library fine.


stephen said...

Which openings you off to tonight, then? Enjoy? Tim Nees?

Lilly said...

Though I am no painter myself, I would imagine that a pile of half finished paintings is an indication that it's either time to move on -- or put the project[s] on hold until it all comes back to you 'naturally'.....I know only too well those darn piles of half finished ______ [fill in the blank] projects. Sigh. Good luck, David :-)

Listen, that avant-garde tarot deck sounds mighty interesting! I do hope you'll be showing us some pictures of it when it is ready.....

I'll be watching this space! For sure.

paintergirl said...

Oh the blasted lib fine. One town we lived in reported it to the credit agency. I finally paid it. The Deck sounds cool. haven't touched oils in years. I would give it a rest for a wee bit, but not too long you know.

Hope you are taking care of yourself!

David said...

Been hiding out the last few days, so:

1 Tim Nees and Janne Land.

2 Definitely time to put them on hold. Get to a certain point and then no further.

3 The fine's nowhere near some of my heroic fines of yesteryear - it's under $50 even. Still haven't paid it but.

paintergirl said...

oh mine was 75

David said...

I've managed $250 in the past.

Lilly said...

Holy crap -- that's some fine, David!

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