11 May 2006

Not sure I approve

I bumped into a woman I used to work with at an opening last week, and she blithely told me she'd used some of my images for a class on transferring images on to ceramics:


paintergirl said...

Oh dear. I'm in a very "I hate people" mood today, so this news doesn't sit well with me. It's more flattering really, but people tend to do the wrong thing when given the opportunity. In this case it's not asking your permission.

Mr Stephen Rowe said...

When the Hallensteins clothing company ripped off that guy's sculpture (I forget his name) and put it on t-shirts they had to give him the whole lot and some compo - so you are legally entitled to all her production - you could have a show with them!

David said...

I've been having a few 'I hate people' days myself.

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