24 May 2006

Some pictures

Hmm, the scans turned out a bit bright. You can't really make out the all-important additions by Acacia McFadgen (age 4) to Self-portrait as symbolist:

Not so sure about this one:

Nor this one:

But all this one needs is a bit more gouache at the bottom there:


Mr Stephen Rowe said...

"Stance" is my favourite in this group.

paintergirl said...

I like self portrait and stance the best.

joseluis said...

david, in the one of the skeleton i would take the clouds away AND put a litlle more white in the yellow. what is the point off the clouds?

David said...

Direct and to the point criticism - that's what we like to see.

They're meant to be hills (taken from drawings made during Abel Tasman's voyage in 1642 - when NZ was discovered by Europeans for the first time). They're what the skeleton guy's taking a stance against (there's this dreadful emphasis on nationalism in NZ culture at the moment that I find deeply disturbing). Something like that anyway. I try not to worry too much about the point of things.

The yellow is a bit full on, but I kind of like it.

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