05 December 2007

Go Gauguin!

An art historian has excavated the well behind Gauguin's place in Tahiti. According to the media report:
A dark brown beer bottle – embossed with a circle and The Kauri Brewery Ltd, Woodville – was exhumed during an excavation of the well behind his French Polynesian hideaway, along with four of his rotten teeth, some Tiger Balm, an empty Bovril jar and detritus of a debauched life.
Also found in the well were three empty jars, each of which would have held 35 litres of wine. There were also assorted bottles of rum and absinthe as well as the Tiger Balm for headaches. Also found were two vials of morphine and a syringe.
"The teeth are so rotten, so full of cavities, they could not have belonged to a Marquesian."

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